Back to work blues is an actual thing

Clearly we don’t need to do any of these things because we LOVE working at Yebo and every day feels like a (satisfying yet challenging) holiday.

But if you’re not feeling as fulfilled as #teamyebo and this week has felt unreasonably long, check out our top tips for surviving life off the sofa.

  • Keep eating chocolate. Grabbing a Celebration on the way to the kitchen is now an addiction, so suddenly being too far from the nearest Quality Street could create withdrawal symptoms. Don’t give up now, that’s what February is for.
  • Go out for lunch. With enough leftovers in the fridge to feed Wellingborough, it’s been hard to justify eating out. Dining out at work means your family don’t know. And they can eat the leftovers.
  • Write lists. If you write enough really long lists you might not actually have to do any work. Things to do, films to watch, places to go…they all count.
  • Organise your Inbox, fine tune your filing. There’s nothing that a bit of colour coding can’t fix.
  • Leave on your Out of Office message. Don’t reply to anyone until some clever colleague explains that it’s now the 31st of January and you’ve been back at work for four weeks. Oops.

If it’s not too late or annoying….happy new year. And WELCOME BACK TO REALITY!

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