Cashless in Coventry

I’d dropped the kids off at nursery and school, arrived at the train station car park, all with time for a Costa before my train. I was winning!

I was heading to a client meeting to see a wall mural and graphics that we had designed and recently installed. Having re-located their call centre we had helped them brand the office space in a welcoming and educational way, including mouse-mats (yes people still use them!), water bottles and pull up banners.

So, where was I, yes, I had got to the car park. I opened my bag to put my car park ticket in my purse and after sifting through half of my life that is contained in said bag, I realised my purse wasn’t among it! Annoyed, stressed and frustrated at having left my purse at home I started to panic – how was I going to get out of the car park when I returned? What about my caramel latte with soy milk I had already drunk in my mind? Most importantly, what about lunch!!??

You thought I was going to say how would I pay for my train right? Well this is where the real cashless experience starts….I’d pre-booked my train ticket to Coventry on my phone so that was ticketless (thankfully I had remembered my phone!). I arrived safely in Coventry and was shown around the new call centre. Despite there being other brands represented in the call centre, there was no doubt which was ours – in a good way! Speaking to telesales staff they loved their area, enjoyed working in the vibrant environment and were proud to work for our client brand over the others in the centre. Tick! Next, a beautiful buffet lunch was served to celebrate the office opening – lunch was sorted and tasty!

It was time to head back to the station where I was able to book my return ticket having saved my card details on the app. A quick scan of the e-ticket to get though the barrier and was back in my home station. But the parking quandary still wasn’t resolved. As I considered busking outside the station to earn some car park cash, I remembered… ApplePay! Of course! I hadn’t used it before but had luckily registered my debit card. Apprehensively I inserted my ticket, waved my phone over the contactless scanner and it worked! Amazing!

I am now an ApplePay convert and behave like the Queen – who needs cash anyway?!

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