The ultimate balancing act

September 2018 was a bit of a mind blowing month for me. I joined Yebo, my eldest son started at secondary school and my youngest son started his gradual integration to primary.

I was nervous about it all. Having enjoyed a lovely, long hot summer together it was time for us to go our separate ways. I’d worked from home in my previous role and it had been a while since I’d worked in an office environment. Would I easily slip back into the office way of working, would I be able to achieve the right home and work balance with the flexible working arrangements, could I cope without the dog on my feet and would I remember how everyone takes their tea (and they are the fussiest lot of tea drinkers I’ve ever come across!).

My eldest took it all in his stride – he gave a shrug of the shoulders and set off on his first day, calm as calm. I, however, was a bag of nerves for him, my first born heading off to get a bus on his own – ON HIS OWN! Somehow, over the summer and his transition from year 6 to year 7 it was all suddenly meant to be ok?

And my youngest, starting primary school and the joy of those split day settling in sessions – not at all complicated to work around when it comes to work and family life! He’d gone from doing a full day at nursery from 8am-6pm to now having sessions of only 2-3 hours per day at school for an entire month, supposedly to ensure they settle in and aren’t too tired (he was a live wire!). As most working parents know, this was a nightmare, never a clear morning or afternoon session but some awkward point in the middle – and the frustration that they are fine and actually ready just to go to school full time!

I contemplated starting my new job with Yebo in October, to try and eliminate some of the stress, but with agency projects waiting I decided to face September head on. Yebo is an agency that fully understands staff aren’t just the person coming into the office, but they have this whole life outside… partners, kids, parents, cockapoos, a desire to do stuff for themselves. It’s impossible to imagine that some employers still insist all of this stuff has to fit neatly into hours outside of the working day. Yeboans all believe in the well-being of the person, and guess what, this delivers the best performance.

So what should have been one of the most stressful months of my life and an impossible balancing act turned into one of the most progressive for all of my family and definitely the best decision. Together we embarked on big, life changing events – as a family. And for me, it was made so much easier by an understanding boss, flexible working and supportive colleagues – what a fantastic way to start a new job!

Written by Tracey Matthews, Client Services

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