What does it take to run a business for 100 years?

Not a question we ask ourselves every day, and one that demands deep consideration when answering. It is said that only about 0.5%  of all businesses have what it takes to last 100 years, but one thing’s for sure, centennial businesses truly do have lots to celebrate.

Last month, we were lucky enough to be a part of the 100 year celebrations of our client Scott Bader Group Ltd, following a year of meticulous planning and execution of a once in a lifetime campaign.

Take a look at our recap of the whole campaign from start to finish and you’ll start to get a very real idea of what it takes to be in business for 100 years.

For us, the answer is clear and rings true today as much as it did 100 years ago – look after people because they look after your business.

Congratulations and huge admiration to Scott Bader for your inspiring achievement.

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