10 steps to market your business

Feel stuck in a marketing rut when it comes to your business? Here are 10 ways in which you give your marketing a boost:

  1. Brainstorm and set goals – what is it you want to achieve with your business in both short and long term? A good brainstorming session with the team can help set those initial goals to plan for.
  2. Look to the past – there’s a whole load of insights in there! What did your last 10 clients have in common? Whether it be location, industry or even how they came to work with you, there will be some common threads, which can help you work out your target audience for future clients.
  3. Create your overall marketing plan and strategy – you’ve identified your goals and your target audience, now it’s time to build the persona of a typical client. What do they enjoy, how do they find their information? Develop a few personas and decide which channels are best to reach them in, are they on social? Would they prefer an email?
  4. Get out there in person – networking may fill some with dread, but it’s a brilliant way to connect with potential customers and get your message out there. It’s also a great opportunity to gain advice and expertise from other professionals too.
  5. Build or redesign your website – when was the last time you visited your website? Take some time out to review it from a user’s point of view – is it easy to navigate and find what a client might be looking for? Is everything working correctly? Is it interesting!!??
  6. Collaborate and partner up – a partnership with another business can be a way to exchange business tactics and promote each other’s products, or even combine your offerings.
  7. Prove your expertise –show your industry knowledge. Through blog posts (like this one!), emails, podcasts, or videos.
  8. Outsource – sometimes it’s better and easier to get specialist support in so you can focus on what you’re best at. For example, while you’re busy planning your marketing, outsource the implementation to a designer or copywriter.
  9. Launch social campaigns – let’s face it, we all spend more time on social media than we care to admit! The chances are your clients are too. Start building some social campaigns aimed at your target audiences on the best channels for them (be sure to include branded imagery where you can too!).
  10. Grow those relationships – you may speak to your clients daily, but when was the last time you actually checked in with them? Regular catch ups just to see how everything is going with them will work wonders and remind your clients of just how appreciated they are.

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