Hello. We are Yebo

Hello We are Yebo Design and Marketing.
We deliver eye-catching design and intelligent marketing strategies that make things better.



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We’re here to help you deliver your company promise, to make sure every one of your communications positively presents your business in the way it looks, what it says and how it is used.

Our craft is so much more than pictures; strong branding and impactful design attracts attention, creates connections and generates success. It doesn’t have to be complex, often the best work is beautifully simple. Less really is more.

So why are we called Yebo? It means Yes in Zulu, the most positive and helpful word we can use when you choose us to help solve your business challenges. South Africa is also where the idea of Yebo was born.


Our clients affectionately call us Yeboans, and as a team we represent a network of experienced and extremely talented individuals. We have a core team that is supported by independent industry specialists to suit the bespoke needs of your business.

  • James Chisholm

    James Chisholm

    Creative Director

    Give him a pen and paper and he’s happy to sketch all day. James sees artistry and fresh ideas wherever he goes.

  • Nicky Chisholm

    Nicky Chisholm

    Marketing Director

    Good business is simply about putting people first and the rest will fall into place - well it has so far!

  • Sam Kiddy

    Sam Kiddy

    Client Services Director

    Our client champion who loves asking questions and solving marketing problems - Sam loved Yebo so much as a client, she joined the team!

  • Sharon Short

    Sharon Short

    Account Director

    Certainly not a surface scratcher – she’ll dig deep, deep, deep to find the heart of a brand and then share the love.

  • Jo Hines

    Jo Hines

    Account Manager

    Jo is our little pocket rocket - if it’s not on her list it probably won’t happen!

  • Tracey Matthews

    Tracey Matthews

    Account Manager

    The most curious of minds with a determined drive to deliver digitally inspired work in a very human way.

  • Annette Henderson

    Annette Henderson

    Account Manager

    The perfect cocktail of brand and marketing expertise, Annette believes it's all in the mix.

  • Wing Long

    Wing Long

    Graphic Design

    Whatever the application and design style required, work is creatively optimised for quality and maximum results.

  • Wayne Dickens

    Wayne Dickens

    Design Partner

    In one word – versatile. Always varied and impactful design.

  • Clare Tarbox

    Clare Tarbox

    Design Partner

    A flair for bringing brand identities to life to endear them to their customers.

  • Rich Harris

    Rich Harris

    Digital Partner

    Expert in all things digital, websites, apps, html emails – loves a good bit of code.

  • Santha Hope

    Santha Hope

    Social Media Partner

    Naturally chatty and very engaging she makes sure our clients join the right social conversations.

  • Jason Denny

    Jason Denny

    SEO and PPC Partner

    The professor of search engines and pay per click, reaching more customers than our clients ever imagined possible.

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