The power of saying YES

Wondering what Yebo even means? Well, it means Yes in Zulu. Now wondering why we called the agency Yebo? Well, that’s because it all came together while holidaying in South Africa…

Back from an amazing safari, sat around a blazing boma fire, we relaxed with a glass of wine with our fellow travelers and rangers. Our ranger, called Promise, chatted, and repeated ‘Yebo’ many times, as he had throughout the day. “What does yebo mean?”, I asked. ‘Yes’, he said, ‘I agree, I acknowledge, I hear you – just yes.’ And that was the moment we knew we’d call our agency Yebo, representing a perfect holiday and moment, and probably the most positive word we all know.

YES means opportunity

Saying yes can sometimes move you out of your comfort zone, encourages a growth mindset and to lead with curiosity. Even if you don’t know exactly how to pursue that new opportunity, by saying ‘yes’ you will challenge yourself in new and exciting ways. It’s ok to learn as you go, after all, you’ll never regret trying, but you might regret not trying.

What is a culture of saying yes?

Yebo is a culture of saying YES. It means being open and accepting of other people’s ideas and remaining receptive to, in fact encouraging, new ways of doing things. We believe saying yes is the quickest, most efficient way to learn.

Our tag line, ‘Dare to be different’ spins off the meaning of ‘yes’ – it actively tells everyone who works with us that we will look and challenge for the best way to make things happen – go on, dare us!