Yebo hits double figures

Exactly 10 years ago Yebo was launched, and life changed forever! Might sound a bit extreme – but it has been life changing in many ways – for co-founders James and Nicky, for the fellow Yeboans we’ve had the pleasure to work alongside, for the fantastic clients we love working with and ultimately their customers who have experienced and hopefully been impressed by the marketing they’ve received. It’s like a Yebo design and marketing ecosystem!

It all started in August 2013

  1. James leaves his Creative Director role and Nicky retires from consulting to launch Yebo, kicking the kids out of the playroom to become a home office!
  2. Work begins to flood in from previous contacts, keen to experience the Yebo ‘married couple’ collaboration (could have gone either way let’s be honest!)
  3. We’re proud to say our earliest clients are still with us today. Special thanks to Impact Recruitment Services, Scott Bader and Elavon for sticking with us!
  4. Team grows and we out-grow our home office, moving to offices in the grounds of Scott Bader – handy! (We’ll not talk about the bit where we build a new office at home but due to ‘builder delays’ outgrow before we’ve even moved in it – kids loved their new ‘playroom’ however!!)
  5. We win Best new business in the Northamptonshire Small Business Awards – we’re on the map!
  6. More clients mean more team growth means more space needed – off we go again to our current home in Rushden.
  7. Then COVID hits…. you all know about this. Everything changes, life changes – we’re so grateful to all clients for sticking with us through this tricky time.
  8. As a team we survive home schooling, GCSE uncertainty, ill-health, and several lock-downs – who knew a quiz on zoom could be so therapeutic?!
  9. Fortunately, life returns to some kind of normal and Yebo continues to do what is does best – fantastic, original, design and marketing.

And here we are in August 2023!

Thinking of starting your own business? Do it! The highs and lows give you an energy (that can be confused with exhaustion at times!) and a sense of satisfaction like no other, running a business ‘the right way’.

Please take a look at our celebratory show reel showcasing some of our best work.

Thank you to everyone we’ve met along the Yebo way!