Scott Bader | Brand design, strategy and marketing

A partnership with real chemistry

Scott Bader is an employee-owned global manufacturer of composites, adhesives, and functional polymers. Their unique ownership structure gives them agility and independence, and this applies to their brand and marketing too.

We are proud to have worked with Scott Bader for over 10 years.

Yebo are an extension of my team and working on our centenary campaign with them has been fantastic. Their creativity from start to finish is second to none across our 100 years branding, book, videos, website and more. Huge thanks to the amazing team at Yebo.

Ben Penney, Group Marketing Manager, Scott Bader

The challenge

As a fast growing and successful company, Scott Bader need us to ensure their main brand evolves in line with their business, creating product brands and communications that consistently tell their story.

Projects include event stands, websites, advertising, emails, product naming and branding, brochureware, videos, employee engagement and lots more.

The solution

From bringing to life fire retardant benefits to how Scott Bader are leading the way in wind energy, the challenges are vast and the solutions plenty.

The highlight has to be however, the 100 year celebrations – a momentous occasion and a marketing campaign that was integrated in every single channel, externally and internally for colleagues.

The results

Working together, Yebo and Scott Bader deliver impactful and timely marketing and communications that reflect their brand and expertise in the chemical industry.