Scott Bader | A Constitution brought to life

Design refresh for company ethos

Scott Bader operate a rare employee owned structure who as Trustees of the Scott Bader Commonwealth, are responsible for the wellbeing of the business.

The Constitution details the behaviours and values that ensure the structure works and stays at the heart of everything they do.

Updating our Constitution has been a big, important step for us at Scott Bader. Once again, Yebo have gone above and beyond. We love all of the campaign assets they’ve created for us and we have a Constitution which we can all be delighted to showcase.

Ben Penney, Group Marketing Manager, Scott Bader

The challenge

Following a Constitution review we were tasked to bring it to life, emphasising the power and responsibility it brings to colleagues to maximise understanding and engagement.

The solution

From initial Constitution branding all the way through to guides, brochures, videos and PowerPoint presentations.

A set of videos, both animated and filmed, were the perfect solution to bringing a legal business document to life, in a relatable and interesting way for colleagues all over the world.

The results

Scott Bader colleagues, new and old, now easily recognise Constitution communications and understand the importance of the Constitution and how it empowers them to make a positive difference every day.