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One of the most important brochures a business needs

As part of our long-standing partnership, Yebo have designed and produced Scott Bader’s Annual Reports for a number of years.

Being such a business critical brochure always puts our design, attention to detail and project management skills to the test!

With over 800 colleagues across 18 countries (and growing!), there’s always a lot of detail that needs to go into our Annual Reports. Yebo execute that balance of keeping the detail whilst still making the report eye-catching and engaging.

Ben Penney, Group Marketing Manager, Scott Bader

The challenge

The report is both long and highly detailed, featuring a lot of key statistics, company information and financial figures – accuracy and layout are key.

The trick is to make such a lot of content, look interesting and easy to navigate for everyone to read – without being overwhelming.

The solution

We built a simple, clean layout and structure for report content to follow, using the Scott Bader branding and imagery.

Bringing key headlines and statistics to life through drawings and infographics, we made important pieces of information stand out and clearly sign posted the rest of the content for easy, digestible reading.

The results

An eye-catching and engaging Annual Report in a format that is easily updatable year on year.

For consistency, the Annual Report design is also reflected into the business’s Corporate Presentation, Sustainability Report and Gender Pay Gap Report, creating a uniformed look and feel to all Scott Bader Reports.