Europa | Multi-format brochureware and presentations

More for your money

Getting things where they need to be and on-time is no mean feat, yet something that Europa make look easy! To better showcase their Road, Air, Sea, and Warehouse services, we were asked to look at creating a range of brochures to showcase ‘why Europa’.

Maximising return on investment is key for Europa and working really closely with Yebo we’ve been able to create something that has multiple purposes now and in the future. Yebo are a key part of my marketing team and we trust them to design and manage our projects that get the most from our marketing budget, optimising costs without compromising on quality.

Kirsty Dean, Marketing & Communications Director, Europa Worldwide Group

The challenge

To create high-impact, user-friendly divisional brochures to support Europa sales conversations with prospect clients, in high-quality print and digital formats – all in the most cost-effective way!

The solution

Our design approach was to make a conversation rather than a wordy brochure, relying on high impact visuals and storytelling headlines. In terms of production, we mastered the first version and then used this as the template for the other divisions, knowing that updates are quicker and cheaper than starting from scratch.

Our print buying was also pretty smart too, delivering multiple versions at the same time to achieve economies of scale.

And then we did it all again in digital too – twice! Once as a digital brochure and once as a single page view, removing the need to create PPT presentations for F2F meetings.

The results

Investing in one brochure paved the way for each division to have their own dedicated collateral set. By optimising their marketing spend, Europa can now bring to life all the reasons why clients love working with them – just like we do!