J Dauman | Brand guidelines, strategy and marketing

Building an international brand

J. Dauman is committed to making a business’s ambitions a reality, through their expertise in international accountancy and business management.

Already highly successful in Poland, J. Dauman were looking to replicate the story in the UK.

Working with Yebo has been an exceptional experience from start to finish. They took the time to truly understand our values, goals, and target audience, and developed a comprehensive rebranding strategy that aligned perfectly with our vision.

Thank you Yebo, for transforming J. Dauman’s brand, our offices and helping us achieve our goals. Your work has made a significant difference to our business.

Piotr Kubalka, CEO, J. Dauman Finance

The challenge

Having worked with their Polish agency to create the brand identity framework, Yebo were tasked with bringing it to life, initially with a new website and marketing communications.

The solution

The creative idea was based on the pixels of bank notes, linking J. Dauman back to the finance sector, and following the same calm neutral tones.

Optimising the user journey, the site offered multilingual options for all key markets and their associated service nuances.

The results

A great looking website that serves as J. Dauman’s 24/7 shop window, just what their international client base needed!

Our projects continued to include a fabulous office rebrand, teams meeting backgrounds, brochures, presentations and event stands.