Scott Bader | 100 years campaign

Celebrating 100 years of partnering for success

It’s thought only 0.5% of all businesses have what it takes to last 100 years, so we were extremely proud and excited in April 2021 when our client, Scott Bader, celebrated achieving 100 years in business.

This significant milestone put them among an elite group of centennial businesses and brands such as Sotheby’s, Fortnum & Mason, Twinings, Royal Mail and Barclays.

Achieving 100 years is a fantastic milestone for us and the impressive branding and marketing campaign created by Yebo completely reflects this.

Everyone at Scott Bader feels extremely proud to be a part of this occasion and we look forward to continuing our success for another 100 years.

Kevin Matthews, Chief Executive Officer, Scott Bader

The challenge

Our brief was to create a celebratory and impactful campaign worthy of such a momentous occasion.

The Scott Bader story is unique and ahead of its time, largely due to founder Ernest Bader gifting the business to employees as a Commonwealth, a charitable trust wholly owned and controlled by them.

The solution

Expertly orchestrated by Ben Penney, Scott Bader Group Marketing Manager, the 100 year multi-channel campaign was developed with passion, care and attention to detail.

Under golden themed 100 year branding we curated, designed, and produced a hard-back book telling the Scott Bader 100 year story, created websites, videos, flags, gift bags, chocolate bars and so much more – every single colleague, customer and partner experienced the celebration in some way, wherever they were in the world.

The results

Yebo Design & Marketing feel privileged and honoured to have worked on this milestone campaign – it has been an absolute career highlight for all of us.

The nostalgia, the pride, the innovation, the emotions, the achievements – we’ve had the opportunity to apply every skill within our armoury and see the impressive results.