Scott Bader | A new market sub-brand

Adding the personal touch

Our relationship with Scott Bader is one we’re particularly proud of, working together since 2013. When they told us they wanted to make more of a play in the personal care market we couldn’t wait to make this ambition real.

Diversifying into the personal care market is an important strategic move for Scott Bader and yet again, we are delighted that Yebo nailed it! A great brand that oozes all the right messages and values that is hitting the right notes with our target audience. Thank you Yebo.

Ben Penney, Group Marketing Manager, Scott Bader

The challenge

The personal care market includes all kinds of hair, skin, and body products, so a softer, more human branding approach was needed compared to the more industrial products manufactured by Scott Bader for markets such as wind energy, automotive and construction.

The solution

First we researched the market, looking at how manufacturers and beauty brands looked and spoke, to inform the development of the Personal Care brand identity.

This ‘naturally’ led us to create a ‘Personal Care’ brand with a colour pallet and style that draws on nature for inspiration – a relaxed handwriting-style of typography and warm, people images.

The results

A new website tailored to promoting personal care products was just the start, and various presentations, advert and event stands followed, all consistently telling the sustainable and innovation story of Personal Care by Scott Bader.