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Working hand in hand with Scott Bader

Scott Bader is a global manufacturer of composite materials, adhesives and specialty polymers, which are distributed all over the world to many different sectors. Their unique ownership structure gives them agility and independence, and this applies to their brand and marketing too.

Together, we create branding strategies and marketing communications that stand out and clearly explain their products and services in a compelling way for each target audience they serve. Projects include event stands, websites, advertising, emails, product naming and branding, brochureware, employee engagement and lots more.

Safety first with Crestafire®

Health and safety is never a subject to take lightly, so when Scott Bader asked us to work on the brand identity of their Crestafire® fire retardant product range, we needed to create a look and feel that would clearly promote its seriously unique benefits.

Working together, we designed logo concepts which communicate the fire safety message without appearing alarming or shouting danger. The end result combines a fire triangle and flame, with a subtle nod to both the Scott Bader parent branding and other in-house product families.

As always, it was a pleasure to work with Yebo on our Crestafire branding. They have produced a vibrant, eye-catching and informative brand that we love! Our Crestafire range is now starting to gain real momentum within the Rail and Building & Construction industries, and we have no doubt the new branding has played a key role in that.

Ben Penney, Group Marketing Executive, Scott Bader


If you’re promising a strong and durable roofing solution to your customers, you need a visual toolkit that hammers that message home. The brand work we delivered for CrysticROOF® supports a suite of exceptional products, each targeting different use cases.

You’ll see our logos and designs on vehicle graphics, product collateral and in digital marketing. And of course, the consistency of our approach means that the CrysticROOF® brand family sits comfortably within the wider Scott Bader product portfolio.

2036 vision

Engaging employees and stakeholders is a vital part of any marketing strategy and Scott Bader’s 2036 Vision and Goals represents an amazing opportunity to rally the business around key pillars – including environment, economy, society and colleague development.

We designed the visual theme and assets that keep their 2036 communications aligned, helping to communicate and track initiatives and maintaining strong engagement at every touchpoint.

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