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We’re so proud to be part of this Tribe. We live in a world of rapid technical change, but technical brilliance means nothing without amazing people to shape and steer it into smart solutions to real problems. That’s where Tribe fits.

Their strong company vision meant that creating a brand identity was fun. Tribe wants to personally connect with people, so we designed a vibrant, earthy colour palette, with blocks of warm plum, mustard, leaf and coral. Add in patterns based on a mix of tribal marks and code, a fresh and easygoing typeface and images stacked with personality and life, and the whole package is a real eye-catcher, a million miles away from traditional financial services branding.

Logos, images and graphic elements, font, colours and copy platform were all wrapped into sweet and sassy brand guidelines, the starting point for all of Tribe’s marketing activity.

Yebo has been brilliant for us to work with and we would not have had even half the success without you. We want to tell everyone how amazing you are but also want to keep you a secret so no one else has access to your brains.

Suresh Vaghjiani, CEO


Ahead of their official launch at mega-payments event Money 2020, Tribe needed Yebo to design and build them a new website in double quick time. This was a great example of how having smart and considered brand guidelines ready to hand, really helps you to move quickly under time pressure, and we definitely did just that.

The same vibrancy of colour and strong images make the website truly pop, and the unique Tribe sense of self and fun comes through in the bold and no-nonsense copy and content. It’s a joy to work with these design assets, the Yebo design team love working for Tribe.


The brochure brief was simple enough – to summarise everything Tribe can do without getting too techy or bogged down in the detail. Once again, the brand is the star and the result is a classy looking square brochure, printed on high quality stock, which can be used just about anywhere.

The design makes it easy to add products and services as Tribe does, so the brochure can support business growth and innovation without reinventing the wheel.

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