“Can I borrow you for a minute?”

Two months ago we decided to merge Yebo design and client services from their separate, cosy little hidey holes into one, bigger office space. For me it’s all upside. For the first time in a long time I feel like I really know the people I work with – we talk about lives, kids, holidays, Christmas, clients, ideas, jobs, we share opinions and ideas and laugh at all the drama and nonsense that gets thrown at us every day. How very old school of us!

And right there is a perfect illustration of our organisational culture – who we are, what we think, how we operate. Building brilliant relationships, exchanging ideas, understanding people, solving problems – doesn’t really matter whether it’s personal and professional. It means we celebrate the little things better together – welcoming new starters, finally invoicing the tricky jobs, landing an exciting brief, positive meetings, nailing the design. And we definitely talk more, and proactively seek feedback and ideas. “Can I borrow you for a minute?” beats the ping of an instant message any day.

With countryside views, snacks on tap, great coffee, subsidised bacon sarnies and an almost democratic approach to choosing background music, I love coming into work. And as someone who used to intentionally avoid the office, this has all come as a bit of a surprise. I’ve always thought that working from home suited me better and offered more flex. In many ways it does – signing for parcels, picking up kids, putting the washing on, no wasted travelling time. But it has downsides too – paperwork piles, distractions both ways (work interfering with home and home with work), conflicting demands on time and thoroughly confused kids. I’ve now found that what really suits me is a short journey into a welcoming office to create and collaborate with a team I respect and know well, that shares my values and sense of purpose to get the best from the time we’re together.

And mostly (not always!), coming to work in our new office helps me keep my life a bit more organised and enables me to feel more mindful and present, wherever I am and whichever hat I’m wearing.

“Can I borrow you for a minute?” Sure you can.

Written by Sam Kiddy, Client Services Director, Yebo Design and Marketing
Photo from left to right: Wing Long, Jo Grote, Ben Penney (client) and James Chisholm.

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