The big school dilemma…

If you’re lucky enough to have a child moving up to secondary school next year, you’ve probably spent more time than you’d like visiting open days or evenings. You’ve toured well stocked labs, spotless classrooms, heard well rehearsed speeches and been shown around by perfectly behaved kids, all to influence and inform when you make one of the scariest choices of your parenting life. By 3pm on the 31 October.

How on earth do you choose the right school for your (11 year old…) baby? What should you look for in a school, a head, staff? What questions should you ask? How do you scratch below the shiny stuff to get to the true picture of daily life in the classroom? Results, location, reputation? Trust, values, people? Gut feeling?

It’s probably not dissimilar to choosing the right design agency for your business. You need trust – a team you believe in. You should expect talent and experience, have confidence that they’re amazing at their jobs. And you want that positive gut feeling for sure, could you work together, communicate well, share expectations, operate as a team? Choosing an agency that can help nurture and develop your business feels a bit like choosing a school where your child will thrive. In the end, it’s a personal choice based on the factual and subjective information you have to hand.

Trust yourself and your gut feeling – you know your business/son/daughter better than anyone, nobody is better placed to make the right choice and bring about the best possible outcome. Whether it’s for your family or your business.

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